EXXEO - 2023

EXXEO creates themed collections blending tangible luxury with digital assets, offering a unique Phygital experience. Project Eclipse revives the piano for the digital age, merging traditional form with digital integration. The Eclipse Piano, co-developed with Kawai, symbolizes this leap. Extending into VR, it provides immersive experiences for NFT owners. The Elysian Eclipse album, created with Vincent Lyn, complements these virtual worlds. The music, housed in a sculptural package mirroring the piano's slik lines, offers a full-circle Phygital journey.

Design Team Iman Maghsoudi, Mina Eshghipour, Mohsen Jafarimalek, Mehrnoosh Afshar, Amir Askari, Yuhan Zhang, Sanaz Taktaz

Credits Photo by Ryan Seif